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Utilities Management

Grace Environmental Services takes pride in every project and is committed to providing every facility with the most reliable, efficient, and safest operations, maintenance, and management services.

Experience in Water Treatment

Grace Environmental Services operates and maintains water treatment facilities, including conventional water treatment, reverse osmosis, desalinization (recycled water), and groundwater treatment facilities.

GES provides unique knowledge and depth of resources in the operations industry as well as asset inventory and maintenance management. Our experience covers the full spectrum of treatment facilities from small package plants to large municipal facilities.

We serve clients in the municipal, industrial, environmental, and private sectors with mission-critical needs to improve sustainability and reduce operating costs.

Our team is focused on providing extensive operations and technical support, professional management, and cost-effective project delivery. Our customers receive higher performance, lower total cost, and less risk when they work with us. We provide services and operations support to our clients in response to today’s issues, as well as long-term operational needs.

Grace Environmental Services is committed to respecting its clients, employees, and the environment. We maintain the highest standard of fairness, ethics, and integrity in all that we do while producing positive results at every level.

Water System Services

Grace Environmental Services provides water system services such as:

  • The evaluation of equipment, facilities, chemical contracts, vendors, subcontractors, and staff
  • Negotiate discounted rates on laboratory fees, chemical costs, and other subcontractor services, on behalf of our clients
  • Review O & M manuals and update and implement as necessary
  • Create customized facility and equipment maintenance schedules
  • Provide daily, licensed manpower to perform all aspects of facility operations
  • Maintain disinfection systems
  • Collect required samples
  • Regulatory agency reporting
  • Act as a liaison between regulatory agencies and facility owners
  • Conduct facility tours for regulatory agencies, owners, and inspectors
  • Quarterly maintenance on pumping systems
  • Hydrant and valve maintenance
  • Meter Reading
  • Staff reports as requested
  • Coordination of tank diving and repair
  • Distribution system installation, operations, maintenance and repairs
  • Booster station installation, repairs, and maintenance
  • Develop short and long-term budgets with facility owners and board of directors
  • 24/7 emergency response 

Experience in Wastewater Treatment and Wastewater System Services

Grace Environmental Services operates and maintains wastewater treatment facilities, from a small sequence batch reactor to large activated sludge recycled water facilities.

Grace Environmental Services provides wastewater system services such as:

  • A preliminary evaluation of equipment, facilities, all contracts, including chemical, vendors, and subcontractors.
  • Licensed personnel to perform all aspects of facility operations and maintenance.
  • Sample collection and delivery to ELAP certified laboratories per discharge permits.
  • Liaison between facility owners and regulatory agencies.
  • Collection system cleaning, flow monitoring, and spill reporting.
  • Lift station monitoring, repair, operations, and maintenance.
  • Groundwater monitoring (if necessary).
  • A review of O&M manuals and manufacturer’ warranties.
  • A schedule of equipment and facility maintenance-rations and maintenance data.
  • Develop short and long-term budgets with facility owners and board of directors.
  • 24/7 emergency response.